Mikel McCavana

Hone Media Player



Designing a mobile music experience around the specific needs of construction workers


UI / UX Design


While lots of construction workers listen to music all day long, they still need to be safe and hear what else is going on around them. Unfortunately, mainstream music apps force construction workers to invent cumbersome workarounds and fumble with tiny interfaces in order to listen to music and still stay safe. 

Through intercept interviews with construction workers around Midtown Manhattan, I discovered that construction workers often will listen through just one earphone – and miss half of the mix – or will just put their phone on speakerphone and stick it inside their hard hat so they don't have to use earbuds at all.

Hone was designed to circumvent these problems and let construction workers easily listen to music and stay safe at the same time. Hone features a simple, bold design and additional features specific to the needs of construction workers. Extra-large buttons ensure that construction workers don't have to squint or tap around to find what they need; "One Ear Mode" automatically converts stereo tracks to mono, so listeners won't miss elements that are panned hard left or right; and "Hard Hat Mode" automatically turns on speakerphone and optimizes equalization for the inside of a hard hat.

(Student work.)