Mikel McCavana
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Ableton Live Redesign


Ableton Live Redesign


Redesigning Ableton Live to appeal to younger, less-experienced electronic musicians

UI / UX Design


Ableton Live is the premiere software for creating electronic music, but it's not the most friendly for beginners. It has a steep learning curve, a formidable price-point, and a complex interface that requires lots of patience and many years to master.



Ableton's current interface


Imagining how Ableton Live could appeal to beginner electronic musicians, I re-designed Ableton Live as a lightweight, user-friendly version of the venerable music software.

This version of Ableton would feature contextual menus and a softer, simplified UI. Only core functionality would be surfaced by default, while more advanced functionality would be hidden behind expandable menus. This would allow users who are used to simpler interfaces – such as Garageband – get a hang of Ableton without getting overwhelmed.